We create image concepts, and we carry out the reform of your space down to the last detail, to give it a new life, always with imagination and good sense.

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Spa Hammam Rituels d'Orient

A voyage for the senses.

This was our first large scale project, in 2008, and its development was intense and captivating.
It was a huge challenge to imagine a hammam in these narrow and dark premises of 150m2, which used to be a hair salon. But imagination has no limits…We wanted an intimate hammam, full of an atmosphere both sensual and exotic which we can see in Delacroix’s travel sketches.

Several trips to Morocco allowed us to gather antique elements of decoration: moucharabieh, rugs, ceramics, and to acquire artisanal and bespoke sofas, fountains, and metal lanterns in Marrakech.
The Mediterranean and oriental craftsmanship was infused into each detail of the hammam.
In 2022, we designed the hammam’s extension, with 4 new massage rooms, more spacious changing rooms, and a new relaxation room.

Photos de Javi Almar