Custom interior design

We offer contract and residential interior design services for all types of projects. We can provide you with consultancy/advisory services for your space (the Decoach), as well as a complete project with or without construction supervision. Check out our menu of services and choose the one that suits you best, and if you don't find it, contact us.

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Interior design project

Complete interior architecture project for total renovation of your home or business.

Presentation of a basic project brief (general plans) and an executive project brief (detailed plans of each space)


- Plans for general distribution, demolition, illumination

- Elevations of the kitchen and bathrooms scaled at 1/20

- Selection of materials and finishes

- Selection of essential furniture (kitchen and bathrooms)

The cost includes a contact visit to get to know the space and the needs of the people who occupy it, as well as 4 meetings for the presentation of proposals and to transfer the 2 briefs

Pricing: 3800€ for a space up to 50m2; VAT not included; travel fees outside of Barcelona not included.