Custom interior design

We offer contract and residential interior design services for all types of projects. We can provide you with consultancy/advisory services for your space (the Decoach), as well as a complete project with or without construction supervision. Check out our menu of services and choose the one that suits you best, and if you don't find it, contact us.

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project and construction supervision

Complete interior architecture project for total renovation of your home or business, with construction site supervision.


-Basic and executive plans needed for the undertaking of works

-Definition of materials and finishes

-Definition of technical lighting and bathroom fittings

-Bespoke furniture design where needed

-Quote requests

-Worksite supervision with the worksite manager to ensure correct interpretation of the project

Fixed price of 5400€ for construction costs inferior to 40 000€

14% for construction costs between 40 000€ and 70 000€

13% for construction costs between 70 000€ and 100 000€

12% for construction costs between 100 000€ and 160 000€

Please ask us for larger amounts.

No larger amount can be invoiced for an amount inferior to the immediate lowering.